Alice Beresford

Artist & Photographer


16th February 2010


Broke the lei cherry. One of those lil’ babies was popped over my head by my generous hostess Linda. Beautiful purple orchids. There are different Leis for different occasions. I suppose every Lei tells a story, like all mine will I hope.

15th February 2010

Waiting for the Lei

Everyone gets lei’d in Hawaii. Thats what i I been told and what I also thought to be true. Another sweeping statement, similier to “Even the elephant man can score in Nimbin”. (Well that took, my cousin Fats and I 10hrs in the local boozer, nearly gettin’ eatin by some Aussie crushtys snake to accomplish that. But that really in another story). Back to the present. My two places that i thought would get me lei’d, the airport and the hotel reception have proven flowerless. Lets hope tomorrow will be better. I suppose anything can happen in paradise.